Night Club

Night Club

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Forest Trees

Forest Trees

"You Can, You Should & If You Are Brave Enough to Start, You Will. "

Stephan King


1.  Go Jet-skiing


2.  Go on a New Years Eve Cruise


3.  Take up a painting workshop with wine


4.  Take a pottery class series


5.  Go see an Egypytian exhibit at a museum


6.  Take a cooking class


7.  Swim / Stand under a waterfall


8.  Go on a cruise to Virgin Islands


9.  Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans


10. Do a road trip across America


11. Visit a castle


12. Go on a hot air balloon ride


13. Get my passport


14. Learn to swim


15. Bake and decorate a cake from scratch


16. Go to a gun firing range


17. Learn sign language


18. Go paintballing


19. Attend a music festival


20. Learn to speak spanish


21. Attend a Gamecon and or Comic con


22. Go horseback riding


24. Eat a philly cheese steak in Philadelphia


25. To learn to play the acoustic guitar


26. Attend a professional football game


27. Go to las vegas and gamble in a casino


28. Travel to Spain


29. Take my niece to her Disneyworld on her 3rd birthday


30. Earn my bachelor degree


31. Ride a zipline 


32. Grow an awesome herb garden


33. Go Whitewater River Rafting


34. Attend a wine tasting


35. Attend Murder Mystery Dinner


36. Visit Washington DC


37. Go Snorkeling


38. Eat Pasta in Italy


39. Try new foods


40. Visit a theme park in every state


41. Kiss someone on top of the Empire State Building


42. Explore different religions


43. See a broadway play in New York


44. Take a scenic train ride


45. See a strip show 


46. Enjoy a spa day


47. Send a random letter to old address to see if they write back


48. Sponsor a kid for Christmas


49. Learn to use a crossbow


50. Attend a movie premiere

51. Attend Class reunion


52. Visit Niagara Falls


53. Attend a Masquerade Ball


54. Visit Ireland


55. Visit Stonehenge


56. Do a boudour photoshoot

57. Get my final tattoo

58. Volunteer at Christmas


59. Indoor Skydiving

60. Meet my weight goals

61. Take an acting class


62. Ride a mechanical bull


64. Try Sushi


65. Go Sailing


66.Take a flight lesson


67. Start a business


68. Write a book and have it published


69. Go to an awesome costume party


70. Visit Egypt


71. Survive a zombie apocolypse


72.  Visit the Sequoia National Forest


73. Visit every state in USA


74. Go to the Essence Music Festival


75. See the statue of liberty


76. Visit Japan


77. Complete a 5k


78. Go tailgating


79. Ride on a Pirate ship


80. Go Whale watching


81. Take up ballroom dancing


82. Participate in a flash mob


83. Have an epic birthday party


84. Visit my hometown (Oxnard, Ca)


85. Fly first class


86. Get a selfie with a celebrity


87.  Camp alone


88. Eat mexican food in Mexico


89. Visit the chocolate factory


90. Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter


91. See New York during Christmas season


92. Travel to another country solo


93. Inspire someone


94. Go on a treasure hunt


95. Try on a dress I could never afford


96. Feed a tiger or a lion


98. Pet a giraffe


99. Explore a cave


100. Have you read my entire bucket list :-)













Winston Salem, North Carolina

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